About Us

IONIC DETOX our devoted comany mission

EcoDetox Company

  • Designs and manufactures its own products.
  • Provides quality reinvented technologies.
  • Experts at your service for several years.
  • Dynamic, motivated, and competent.
  • Guarantees respect, excellence, and integrity.
  • Honest and conscientious work done with care.
  • Company owner is a chemical engineering.
  • Promotes total holistic well-being.
  • Concerned with the ECOlogy and DETOXification.

My name is François Denis, and I’m the founder and owner of ECODETOX. I have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Sherbrooke University. I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years before quitting my profession in 2002, in order to redirect myself towards an area that is more in line with my personal beliefs. During this rather difficult transition, I began an intense and profound process of personal growth, brimming with significant insights and inner transformations. This form of emotional awakening, which appears to have no end, gives me the necessary motivation and determination to stick to my desire to be a force of good as well as to serve the community to the best of my ability.

ECODETOX’s mission is to create a movement of collective awakening where individuals take ownership of their own health, through improved lifestyle choices. We hope to meet your expectations in this domain through our high-quality products, the respect of our generous warranties, excellent after-sales services, our team’s professionalism, as well as pertinent information and human values.

Founded in 2008, ECODETOX is a young and dynamic company eager to help conscientious individuals find affordable and effective solutions to promote a better physical, mental and energy well-being. We certainly noticed that it isn’t easy finding the right people or the appropriate means to respond and adequately adapt to the needs of individuals seeking alternative solutions.

ECODETOX designs, develops and manufactures its devices in Quebec (Canada). We offer innovative, alternative and holistic technological products at the service of both well-being and the environment. We make unique, effective, accessible, affordable, safe, easy-to-use, painless, independent and non-invasive devices.

The company name ECODETOX stands for our passion for ECOlogy and DETOXification.