Heating Belt

Heating Belt

The FLEX-ION-ZAPPER set includes, by default, this useful infrared belt which can be used without limitation anywhere on the body. This heating band, covered in black vinyl and approximately 20” long by 4” wide, has three different temperature levels (low, medium and high) which are controllable with the main FLEX-ION-ZAPPER unit.

When heated, the bamboo charcoal from high mountains contained in the belt emits far infrared radiation capable of deeply heating body tissue in order to improve blood circulation. The sunlight that we see every day is a combination of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Most of the waves that are beneficial for our body are those found closest to the red light spectrum. Therapies using far infrared waves emit the part of the sunlight that is most beneficial for our body. This gentle and radiant heat penetrates up to 5 cm below the skin. Exposure to far infrared is an excellent therapy, promoting proper functioning and natural exchanges within our body.


  1. a. DILATES blood vessels where applied.
  2. b. LOCALLY IMPROVES blood circulation.
  3. c. FACILITATES the oxygenation of targeted tissues.
  4. d. ACCELERATES cellular regeneration.
  5. e. REDUCES cramps and muscle fatigue.
  6. f. DECREASES tension, pain and stiffness.
  7. g. INCREASES flexibility.


Avoid sessions in the following cases:

  1. a. Do not use on children under the age of 6


  1. a. Avoid positioning the belt around the head.
  2. b. Avoid overheating areas where the skin is thin and sensitive.
  3. c. Stop the session if you feel an intense and persistent local heat point.
  4. d. Watch out for velcro straps that can cling to the sleeves of embroidered garments.
  5. e. Avoid heating the belt if it is curled or folded on itself. This can melt and glue together the walls of the vinyl plastic overlay.
  6. f. Avoid plugging or unplugging the belt when it is powered on.
  7. g. Works simultaneously with other main unit technologies.
  8. h. Does not cause any harmful side effects.


  1. a. Connect the belt behind the main unit of FLEX-ION-ZAPPER.
  2. b. Wrap the joints (spine, back, knee, elbow, shoulder, neck, etc.)
  3. c. Install the belt over the clothes without any direct contact with the skin.
  4. d. Position the black electrical cable coming out of the belt on the device side.
  5. e. Position the metal eyelet outward of the outgoing wire on the top.
  6. f. Avoid pulling or pinning the fragile electrical cord of the belt.
  7. g. Use the belt extension (black velcro elastic band) for larger sizes.
  8. h. Preferably install the belt on the kidneys at the lower back or around the waist
    when used at the same time as the ionization session or ZAPPER in order to
    promote the elimination of toxins through the urinary tract.
  9. i. It is possible to use both belts at the same time with the dual unit.