Antiparasitic ZAPPER

Antiparasitic ZAPPER

The ZAPPER is a device that emits pulsed electric fields (PEF) to reduce the population of the main harmful parasitic organisms within the physical body. It is a signal generator (timer 555) which is harmless and almost imperceptible to the user who makes life hard for the pathogenic agents that infiltrate his/her body. These few specific frequencies and their benefits were largely studied by Dr. Hulda Clark (30,000 Hz), the Royal inventor Raymond Rife (2,500 Hz) and the inventor Don Croft (15 Hz). The signals used are positive offsets in an 8 volts and approximately 8 milliamps continuous oscillation, capable of crossing most parts of the body. These ones travel mainly through our fluids such as the lymphatic system (lymph) and vascular system (blood). These frequencies immobilize parasites and weaken their protective shield (shell and/or external membrane) in order to make them more vulnerable and accessible to the immune system. The immune system is then able to select, disintegrate and eliminate more easily the many miniature and undesirable intruders. Within minutes, the ultra-vitalizing passage of these frequencies, from the conductive rods placed on the skin, through the body provides considerable help for our natural defences. The ZAPPER also has an alkalizing and ionizing effect on the physical body along with the detoxifying ionic bath. In the following video link you can see parasites dying under a microscope during the application of these frequencies. See here:

The ZAPPER does not cause any known harmful side effects apart from a few detoxification effects due to temporary elimination overload (dizziness, mild nausea, headaches, mild diarrhea, flatulence, itching, stiffness, skin irritation, fatigue and drowsiness). If you experience these side effects, simply reduce the duration and number of sessions according to your body’s requirements in order to manage the endogenous (internal) waste that it causes.

A parasite is an organism living inside or on the surface of another organism at the expense of it, however often without killing it. Many microorganisms could meet this definition. It is considered pathogenic or harmful if it is likely to cause disease. A microorganism can only be observed using a microscope.

Acidity, kidney stones, calcifications, worms and pathogenic parasites hide within each one of us. They damage, harm and wear out our metabolism causing abnormalities and/or dysfunctions. A parasite is a small living organism that depends on and takes advantage of another living organism, considered as the host. Certain parasites cooperate with the organism they invade, which establishes a good exchange of services such as for probiotics. Otherwise, it can be an aggressive and disadvantageous coevolution for the host. The ultimate goals for these competitive parasites are survival and reproduction. Certain experts estimate that more than 80 percent of the human population suffers from various problems linked to a large presence of harmful pathogenic microorganisms. These microorganisms then feed, to the detriment of the host, who loses the benefits of its nutrients, leaving him/her weak, deficient and bruised. Unconsciously there comes a critical moment when the body is dysfunctional or endangered by a very large, harmful parasitic population. The list of benefits of using the ZAPPER is long. I invite you to do your own research about this subject on the web.

Furthermore, with a diet overloaded in sugar, the body accumulates a lot of mucus almost everywhere in which bacteria and parasites find fertile ground to feed and multiply. Excess weight caused by fat is also a favourable environment for their development.

Enemies of the physical body:

  • The main hostile pathogenic parasites: worms, protozoa, yeast, fungi (candida), salmonella and pathogenic viruses.
  • Pollutants: chemical, physical, electromagnetic or vibrational (emotions, thoughts, etc.). Pollutants are often the cause of parasitic invasion.
  • Metabolic acidity: acidifying stress and free radicals. Aggressive parasites love to grow in an acidic, ambient environment.
  • Deficiencies: poor intestinal flora (microbiota depletion), unhealthy diet, weakened immune defences, lack of oxygen and dehydration.

Mainly through poor digestion of meat foods in the stomach, certain parasites survive, migrating towards the intestines and multiplying there before progressing towards the rest of the body. A few symptoms possibly associated with an intestinal parasitic invasion are: diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, flatulence, vomiting, sleep disorders and insatiable sugar cravings. This initial infestation exhausts the immune system and the entire body.

Certain natural products are potentially effective in fighting against a multitude of hostile parasites lodged in the intestines. These include grapefruit seed extract, black walnut, wormwood (artemisia), cloves, oregano oil, garlic, thyme, papaya seeds and pumpkin seeds. Always add good bacteria and probiotics to the program in order to encourage healthy intestinal flora (microbiota). Prevention is always the best action, because a strong immune system is the best defensive line against aggressors.

The Cure for All Diseases: With Several Witness Cases

Hulda Regehr Clark (1928–2009) was an independent researcher with a bachelor’s degree as well as master’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a PhD in Physiology from the University of Minnesota (1958). Clark mentions in her writings that electricity can now be used to kill invasive parasites and/or aggressive microorganisms within minutes using the ZAPPER technology. Clark states that all cancers and numerous diseases are caused by parasites, toxins and pollutants in the physical body. According to Clark, you can simply kill parasites at all developement stages and eliminate toxins and heavy metals from your body in order to feel better.

IONIC DETOX zapper or autonomous


  • STIMULATES the immune defense system.
  • WEAKENS parasitic microorganisms.
  • ATTENUATES yeasts excess.
  • WEAKENS infections (germs and viruses).
  • HELPS to regulate blood glucose.
  • REDUCES sugar cravings.
  • ACTS on inflammatory pains.
  • MINIMIZES mucus production.
IONIC DETOX positive


Avoid sessions in the following situations:

  • Pacemaker.
  • Private defibrillator.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding woman.
  • Organ transplants with anti-rejection therapy.
  • Radiation or chemotherapy in progress.
  • Medicated chronic epilepsy.
  • Metal parts or prosthesis in the body.
  • Major heart problems under therapy.


  • Get well-hydrated before, during and after each session (2 liters of water/day).
  • Avoid heavy and high caloric foods throughout the protocol.
  • Avoid eating some noxious and/or controversial things temporally.
  • Promote healthy and unprocessed food (vegetal, fresh and varied).
  • Minimize your stress (emotional, psychological and mental).
  • Oxygenate your body (move and walk outside).
  • Take essential supplements.
  • Stop the session in case of intense and persistent discomfort.
  • Avoid putting open and bleeding wounds on the copper rods.
  • Avoid carrying large metal or electronic objects.
  • Avoid late sessions if such causes a strong revival of vitality.
  • Clean the main unit with a damp cloth without any chemicals.
  • Never submerge the main unit in water and handle it delicately.
  • Operates simultaneously and only with the heating belt (Not the ionizer).
  • It can be used (and found to be very useful) for pets.
  • Does not cause any harmful side effects.