Lifestyle and Toxicity

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It is now clear that detoxification (cleansing) and the elimination (evacuation) of metabolic waste are increasingly essential in order to minimize the damaging effects of a poor lifestyle. Nowadays, it is vital to be aware of the factors influencing our general state of well-being. Here are the five major causes contributing to the loss of physical vitality and the disorganization of the delicate cellular balance that forms our biological body.


It is important to improve our lifestyle as much as possible and to regularly cleanse the body of numerous toxins and different chemical residues. Toxins may be responsible for various disorders, from mere below-average performance to death. Humans may be victims of endogenous toxins (produced internally) that are secreted in a stressful situation or through athletic endeavours. Otherwise, toxins will be the exogenous type (originating externally). Recognizing toxins is important because prevention is generally easier than elimination. Nowadays, contaminants are found everywhere: in the air, water, food, personal hygiene products, etc. To better understand the impacts of this phenomenon, I strongly recommend watching the documentary HOMO TOXICUS.


Damages, weakens and stresses the entire body.

Exhausts electrical energy reserves (anions).

Promotes the appearance of free radicals (cells killer).

Contributes to an acid-base imbalance (acidity excess).

Overloads, damages and disrupts the filtering organs.

Blocks the metabolism and weakens the immune system.

Poisons the lymphatic system (waste collector).

Accelerates cellular degeneration.

Encourages premature aging.

Promotes generalized dysfunction (aches and pains).

Facilitates the growth of harmful and pathogen microorganisms

(parasites, fungi, yeast, germs, bacteria and mucus).

When cellular metabolism goes out of balance, body symptoms appear. The daily consequences of the mistreatment suffered by the human body have devastating effects when they surpass the body’s own capacity for defence and adaptation. The progressive accumulation of various toxins and acidifying stress will create an acidic environment suitable for the development of pathogenic microorganisms (parasites, worms, fungi, yeast, etc.). This will have an overloading effect and will exhaust the immune system, eventually causing various dysfunctions.

We don’t use the body’s symptomatic medical approach, but rather a general purification of the biological terrain in order to devoid it of unwanted overload which prevents homeostasis (natural balance). For us, wellness is a simple lack of harmful substances and metabolic disruptions such as toxicity, energy blockages and parasitic overload. By ensuring that basic cellular needs are met (breathing, eating, hydration and waste elimination), we create an environment in which cells can better perform their vital functions.


It is also vital to supply your body with a large amount of fresh water daily so as to support its natural elimination mechanisms, which will considerably improve all of your body’s biological functions. It is clear that the quality and purity of water are key factors which will boost all of the metabolic detoxification processes. Presently, the water purification system that best meets most of our selection criteria is the SANTEVIA Gravity System. If you would like to learn more about the importance of good hydration, I suggest the book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water written by Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, Jouvence editions.


It is necessary to know to what extent invisible electromagnetic pollution (smog) is harmful and damaging to the human body. Despite the fact that this pollution is largely unregulated and rarely publicized, several independent studies make mention of it. It must not be forgotten that the human body, being itself a complex system of chemical reactions, electrical impulses and magnetic fields, is also prone to variations of this type. Definitely there are numerous sources of electromagnetic pollution in our everyday environment. The most significant are electrical distribution networks, phone masts (towers), cell phones (GSM), mobile phones (DECT), wireless networks (WLAN, WiFi and WiMAX), Bluetooth, dangerous “smart” electricity counters and highly controversial microwave ovens.


It is important to know the impact a home has on the well-being of the people who reside there. The construction materials, manufacturing methods, quality of the indoor air and the choice of the residence’s location (city or country) will be extensively reviewed in the future. The ionization of indoor air is essential for the well-being of the home’s occupants.


After healing the physical nutrient balance and detox pathways, perhaps explore healing on a deeper level with clearing of past emotional trauma or even on a spiritual level. Positive energy, thoughts and visualization are crucial for holistic total well being. It is impossible to end this information section without sharing with you the latest discoveries concerning the influence of destructive thoughts and emotional stress on the energy networks of the physical body. This stress is recorded in the form of memories in the physical body and can cause pain or disease. The resulting imbalance always carries a message for the conscience and creates a harmful blockage to the proper functioning of the energetic and physical bodies.

The pervasiveness of toxic chemical contaminants in food, air and water, cellular dehydration, invisible electromagnetic pollution, artificial and synthetic living environments, along with the stress of emotional energy or mental disturbances, continually disrupt and overload our body. These multiple realities also result in rapidly depleting the physical body’s valuable reserves of negative ions and promote as well an overload of harmful and acidifying positive ions (free radicals).