Negative Ions

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IONIC DETOX effect enegative ions


IONIC DETOX ionize yourself, negative ions bath

A living organism’s electrical and chemical balance is synonymous of metabolic effectiveness. In fact, anyone seeking physical wellness should consider these factors without neglecting all the other aspects of our multidimensional being that affect this balance.

Electrical polarization is therefore essential and fundamental to biological life in the cellular growth and regeneration process. A vital and subtle electrical field (etheric bio field) exists around and inside all living organisms. Particles (molecules) with an excessive negative electrical charge (free electron) are the key to our vitality, promoting then the revitalization of the subtle ethereal body. These valuable negative ions (anions), of which the physical and etheric body must feed, are extremely important, beneficial and essential. In addition to having an alkalizing effect, they facilitate oxygenation, hydration, purification, detoxification, energy cleansing and cellular regeneration.

The human body we inhabit is a complex bioelectrical system that infinitely surpasses the knowledge we have about it. I suggest you learn more about it in order to participate better in its proper functioning.

The ionizing bath artificially reproduces certain natural beneficial aspects generally found while walking in the morning dew, near a waterfall, in the mountains or by the seaside. This feeling of lightness, well-being, mental calm and inner peace is produced by the absorption of billions of ionized water molecules through the skin and lungs.

During the session you may experience deep body tickling, pinching or tingling in the legs. These sensations are due to the intensive ionization of the body, which causes the elimination of toxins lodged in your organic tissues. By helping your body to get rid of obstructive elements, your vital energy becomes available for your daily activities and immunological defences. A general feeling of well-being and lightness can quickly appear and many users are amazed to feel some benefits from the first session.

Each user has a different and personalized experience using these technologies, but a great majority of persons are impressed and surprised to see how quickly these technologies are beneficial. The goal is to simply feed the electrical principles of the physical body to energize, vitalize, clean up and restore its self-regulating aptitudes.

On the other hand, one should not delude and expect easy miracles.  Some regularity efforts should be planned and perhaps even some small changes in lifestyle to easily achieve desired goals. Discomforts and illnesses often require doing things differently, trying new practices and getting pertinent information. This personal journey in search of wellness empowers us and teaches us that health is essentially a matter of balance and daily choice

It is important to note that the effects of this device are progressive, so be attentive to the subtle transformations that occur in you during and after each session. A meditative state is suggested to accompany the work of this technology.

The benefits have not been proven or demonstrated by conventional medical science. You are always invited to show discernment by validating the effects of these alternative and non-medical holistic approaches on your own.