Autonomous ZAPPER

CAD $ 245.00

The independent ZAPPER is a small portable device operating autonomously with a 9-volt alkaline battery, or with a power supply. It is also a lightweight, mobile, powerful and easy-to-use machine. The autonomous ZAPPER is sold separately, in its own case, offering the same features as the integrated ZAPPER technology on the FLEX-ION-ZAPPER. The autonomous ZAPPER is sold with a pair of high-quality copper handles (rods) handmade by ECODETOX. Pure copper provides maximum effectiveness and optimal electrical conduction.

The ZAPPER also has an alkalizing and ionizing effect on the physical body along with the detoxifying ionic bath. In the following video link you can see parasites dying under a microscope during the application of these frequencies. See here:

Equipment included:

  • Autonomous ZAPPER main control unit
    • Portable and lightweight device (4,5’’ x 2,5’’ x 1,5’’).
    • Works on 110V/220V mains power or self-powered with a 9V internal alkaline battery included.
    • 30-day satisfaction and 24-month repair warranty included.
  • Mini power supply unit
    • 9V universal converter that supports any type of current (110V or 220V).
    • 24 months warranty included with a CAD $25 replacement cost.
  • Instructions Manual
    • Reference document for your device.
    • Contains scientific information and training on the use of the ZAPPER.