French Book: Ionisation Santé-Vitalité

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Les bienfaits des ions négatifs.

Dr. Hervé Robert is a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Paris and a medical communications specialist. Here are some excerpts from his book, freely translated:

Negative ion supplementation is not a useless luxury, but a necessity and a vital requirement intended to ensure permanence and respect for the fundamental mechanisms of life. Negative ionization and its beneficial effects on the human body remain scandalously ignored.

Negative ions are mainly “oxygen” ions (Prof. Métadier had coined them oxions) and it is their presence in sufficient quantities in our environment that will determine our well-being.

P. Berthelon states that electrical hygiene and electrical therapy are new sciences whose importance cannot be doubted. It is clearly demonstrated that negative ions have a real beneficial effect on the human body. A science historian might also be surprised that it took so long to find out given the age of discoveries and research.”

“During the Second World War, German submarines were equipped with devices producing negative ions because the first effects of ion deficiency are loss of vitality and chronic fatigue.”

Negative ions have a positive effect on animals, plants, and insects. They destroy germs and fungi and stimulate cellular reproduction. Given these observations, it is difficult to cite the placebo effect to explain the results obtained.

“Negative ions have a positive effect on serotonin levels, endocrine glands, the Krebs cycle, oxygenation of tissues, the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and cellular exchanges. An excellent, energizing nourishment for those who participate in sports, the elderly, the sick, and all people in search of well-being.

Dr. Hervé Robert, 176 p., 2008, Édition Dauphin, ISBN : 978-2-716313827