Heating Belt

CAD $ 30.00

The FLEX-ION-ZAPPER package includes by default this beautiful infrared belt that can be used at will, anywhere on the body. A uniquely designed heating belt that meets our own manufacturing requirements listed below.

  • Shielded internal heating wire to eliminate the undesirable emission of electromagnetic pollution. This protects your cells and your body from damaging electric fields emitted by all other belts on the market.
  • Larger, more efficient and better distributed heating surface powered by a current of 12 volts / 1 ampere.
  • Wrapping of thicker bamboo charcoal containing the internal heating wires thus creating a better quality of infrared radiation.
  • Outer fabric of thicker synthetic leather, softer and more robust, dark blue with ECODETOX logo. This material has a high resistance to heat, tears, wear and breakage making it an extremely durable belt.
  • Large high quality belt extension band included (15 ” x 3 ”). Very useful for plus-size people.
  • Three temperature levels (low, medium and high) adjustable with the FLEX-ION-ZAPPER.
  • Dimensions of the main belt about 50 ” long by 5 ” wide.
  • 12 months warranty included with a replacement cost of $ 30 CAD.

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