Portable VitalZapper

CAD $ 245.00

The stand-alone ZAPPER is a small portable device operating autonomously with a 9-volt alkaline battery, or alternatively with a power supply. It’s also a lightweight, mobile, powerful and easy-to-use unit. This is sold separately, in its own case, offering the same features as the integrated ZAPPER technology on the 3-in-1 multifunction main ion bath.

In the following video link you can see parasites dying under a microscope during the application of these frequencies. See here:

Equipment included:

  • Main control unit
    • Portable and lightweight device (4,5’’ x 2,5’’ x 1,5’’).
    • Works on 110V/220V mains power or self-powered with a 9V internal alkaline battery included.
    • 30-day satisfaction and 24-month repair warranty included.
  • Mini power supply unit
    • 9V universal converter that supports any type of current (110V or 220V).
    • 24 months warranty included with a CAD $25 replacement cost.
  • Instructions Manual
    • Reference document for your device.
    • Contains scientific information and training on the use of the ZAPPER.