Scientific References

IONIC DETOX scientific references

For the most skeptical and curious, I highly suggest the material below from which we extracted a few relevant passages. These works, written by experts in their respective fields, are excellent scientific references supported by rigorous testing and clearly show the many benefits of negative ions.


Ionisation Santé-Vitalité : Les bienfaits des ions négatifs (French)

livre sante ionisation

Dr. Hervé Robert is a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Paris and a medical communications specialist. Here are a few excerpts from his book:

“Negative ion supplementation is not a useless luxury yet a necessity and a vital requirement intended to ensure permanence and respect for the fundamental mechanisms of life. Negative ionization and its beneficial effects on the human body remain scandalously ignored.”

“Negative ions are mainly “oxygen” ions (Prof. Métadier had christened them oxions) and it is on their presence in sufficient quantities within our environment that will depend our well-being.”

“P. Berthelon states that electrical hygiene and electrical therapy are new sciences whose importance cannot be doubted. It is clearly demonstrated that negative ions have a real beneficial effect on the human body. A science historian might also be surprised that it took so long to find out given the age of discoveries and research.”

“During the Second World War, German submarines were equipped with devices producing negative ions because the first effects of an ion deficiency are loss of vitality and chronic fatigue.”

“Negative ions have a positive effect on animals, plants and insects. They destroy germs and fungi and stimulate cellular reproduction. Given these observations, it is difficult to cite the placebo effect to explain the results obtained.”

“Negative ions have a positive effect on serotonin levels, endocrine glands, the Krebs cycle, oxygenation of tissues, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and cellular exchanges. An excellent, energizing nourishment for sportive individuals, the elderly, sick and all persons in search of well-being and wellness.”

The Ion Effect: Revolutionary Discoveries Reveal That Electrically Charged Particles in the Air May Control Your Moods, Health, and Sense of Well-Being

Fred Soyka was physically sick and morally bruised until a doctor suggested that there was “something electric in the air” that could make him sick and morose. This remark propelled Mr. Soyka on an odyssey of scientific discovery concerning the effects of ions. Here are a few excerpts from his book translated freely:

“Negative ions regulate serotonin levels, a neurohormone which can cause insomnia, nightmares, mental, emotional and psychological stress, anxiety and depression. A relief from these conditions is therefore observed through negative ion supplementation.”

“Dr. Stark states that the surrounding and naturally ubiquitous ionization is comparable to the water in which a fish swims; without it he cannot survive.”

“Negative ions, essential to the creation and maintenance of all forms of life, are an integral part of biological activity. Scientists have never found that an overdose of negative ions does anything other than keep you more alert, more active and more functional throughout the day.”

“In 1977, there were already approximately 5,000 documented scientific experiments supporting the conclusion that an overdose of positive ions is bad for the human body while a supplementation of negative ions appears to be beneficial to wellness.”

“Dr. Albert P. Krueger from the University of California states that the scientific community is taking too much time to seriously consider the important influence negative ions have on the energy levels and general health.”

“Olympic-level Russian athletes surprised the world and had a special training weapon unknown in other countries. Today, we believe this weapon was negative ion supplementation.”

“Some researchers claim that negative ions, without any other treatment, are able to cure asthma attacks and bronchitis more quickly and effectively than medication and antibiotics.”

“In 1975, a German doctor had already treated more than 11,000 people with negative ion therapy. A few Brazilian hospitals use negative-ion based devices for the treatment of respiratory problems as well as to relieve allergies.”

“Nearly 60% of North Americans living and working in cities (urban areas) suffer from positive ion poisoning. More specifically, road vehicle drivers are greatly affected by this negative ion deficiency.”

The Cure for All Diseases: With Several Witness Cases


Hulda Regehr Clark (1928–2009) was an independent researcher with a bachelor’s degree as well as master’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a PhD in Physiology from the University of Minnesota (1958).

Clark mentions in her writings that electricity can now be used to kill invasive parasites and/or aggressive microorganisms within minutes using the ZAPPER technology. Clark states that all cancers and numerous diseases are caused by parasites, toxins and pollutants in the physical body. According to Clark, you can simply kill parasites at all stages of development and eliminate toxins and heavy metals from your body in order to feel better.

ION Miracle: Effects of Negative Ions on Physical and Mental Well-being


Jean-Yves Côté, independent Quebecois researcher, wrote this compilation of scientific facts proving the importance of proper negative ion supplementation in our lives. Here is an excerpt from his book:

“Thanks to negative ions, burn victims in Philadelphia are treated, asthma and lung allergies are alleviated, athletes perform much better, greater reflexes are developed, menstrual cycles are regulated, sexuality improves, microbes are killed, etc.”

Mes secrets naturels pour guérir et réussir (French)

Rika Zaraï, a bestselling author and a natural-health pioneer. Here are a few excerpts from her book:

“Negative ions reduce nervousness, stress and anxiety. Therefore, they enable a better, deeper and more restorative sleep. They are indispensable for revitalization, improving reflexes, increasing speed and endurance. In other words, to improve our physical performance.”

“The energy from negative ions does not cease to amaze us. Yogis call it Prana (bioelectric energy from the air). We are only beginning to measure the full extent of its benefits. The flu, sore throats, colds, asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis improve, oxygenation is carried out infinitely better, the hypothalamus and adrenals are revitalized.”

“Like everything in the universe, we operate on electricity. Changes in the intensity of this electricity therefore affect our behaviour. Each of our billions of cells needs this electric energy (bioelectricity) to function.”

“Distinguished  scientists, such as Tchijevsky, Sokoloff and the French Jacques Métadier, formally established the danger represented by an excess of positive ions as well as the benefits provided by negative ions which produce a certain physical and mental euphoria enabling a good sleep and rejuvenating the body.”

“The engineer Pierre Fluchaire believes that a negative ion deficiency or an excess of harmful positive ions in large cities is a cause of aggression and violence.”

“Negative ions thin and oxygenate the blood which facilitates its circulation and improves mental processes (memory, concentration and attention).”

“No organism can stay alive without the supply of negative ions. Without them, we may die of asphyxiation given the fact that oxygen cannot enter the body which then becomes congested with toxic and acidic metabolic waste. The effectiveness of the immune system is compromised.”

Cancer Is a Fungus: A Revolution in Tumor Therapy

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, oncologist (study of the diagnosis and treatment of cancers and tumours). Here are a few excerpts from his book:

“When the body has many toxins, the immunological system is damaged or destroyed, this is why people may suffer from different types of infections and complications. When the immune system is strong, cancerous cells are destroyed, the formation and proliferation of tumours is prevented. Cancerous cells detest an oxygenated atmosphere and grow best in an acidic, oxygen-deficient environment. Acidity has thus become the disease of the millennium.”

“A fungal infection in an acidic environment always forms the basis of every neoplastic formation which then attempts to spread throughout the body without stopping. The growth of fungal colonies, accompanied by the reaction of the tissue trying to defend itself against the invasion, causes the tumour. There is only one cause of cancer: candida.”

Alkalize or Die: Superior Health Through Proper Alkaline-Acid Balance

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, N.D., D.C., PhD. Here is an excerpt from his book, freely translated:

“The number of diseases matters little, what does matter is that they come from the same root cause, acid loss in the tissues. While the world faces the greatest health crisis in history, Dr. Baroody’s research proves that disease is directly linked to an acid surplus in the physical body.”