Side Effects

IONIC DETOX side effects

Temporary side effects, or “healing crises,” are sometimes experienced during and after a purification procedure. Certain physiological or psychological symptoms may temporarily inconvenience (less than three days) people following a detoxification procedure. These often uncomfortable effects confirm the effectiveness of the elimination process initiated by the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems. Sometimes, the reactions are related to better energy flow and an increase in metabolic activity enabling the release of toxins as well as various cellular memories.

Here is a list of the main reactions that may appear after the first sessions:

Frequent urination (strong odour or colour)
Thirsty, unusual taste in the mouth
Headaches, mild nausea
Profuse sweating, skin rashes
Mild dizziness, numbness
Loose stools, mild diarrhea, bloating
Fatigue, muscular pain
Cold symptoms, fever, cough
Emotional release
Drink plenty of pure, fresh water
Drink plenty of pure, fresh water
Drink plenty of pure, fresh water
Drink plenty of pure, fresh water
Eat a healthy and balanced meal
Exercise and oxygenate sufficiently
Rest and avoid stress
Rest and avoid stress
Be kind to yourself and stay positive

In the case of a “healing crisis,” it is essential to understand that you are not sick but rather that these signs indicate that the body is in the process of cleaning itself. When the body is ready, the immune system assigns its entire army to the big clean-up for the purpose of removing piles of accumulated waste. The body will then express past symptoms in reverse order, like a film playing backwards. This may last for a certain time depending on the person’s age and the significance of the problem. Total healing occurs in layers, much like the layers of an onion working inwards towards the core or root of the issue. Rest. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise, consider guidance- in order to work towards a potentially much deeper healing.

Conserve as much energy as possible in order to enable your body to do its job of detoxification. Consume food that is easy to digest such as fruits, vegetables and plenty of pure, fresh water. These potential side effects are bodily adjustments with the aim of restoring its balance and strength. Remember that after each healing crisis comes an increased vitality and a feeling of wellness.